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Several months ago I was reading Prof. Taha Hussein biography The Days. And one of the main points of his biography as you might expect was his experience with blindness. How he learned by listening. How he finished his degree. How he mastered new languages like French and even Latin besides Arabic. How he finished his Ph.D. in Paris. How was he able to sit for hours and hours to just listen to someone who was reading for him. How was he remembering all that without even taking notes?!

His life was hard, and his experience was just amazing and motivating.

After I finished the book, I wanted to try that. To try listening instead of reading. So I tried Audiobooks from Audible. I liked the idea so much, and I switched most of my books reading to Audiobooks. The experience is entirely different.

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  1. Daif says:

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    As an expat who works in IT, learning German and doing other activities, the time I was able to allocate for reading was shrinking and it was driving me mad. Thanks to my friend Karim, I started listening to podcasts and and Audio books while commuting, working out or even cooking ! I found out that I can actually make even bigger progress with Audio books than with normal ones.

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