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I watched Spotlight recently. The movie brief from IMDB:-

The story of how the Boston Globe uncovered the massive scandal of child molestation and cover-up within the local Catholic Archdiocese.

Besides that, the movie was well crafted directing and acting. It made me think again about the continues importance of spotting the social biases.

And how it is also essential to rethink about society ideas now and then. – Including our small social circles – which we inherit without even notice. With marketing words like the standards or the right and wrong, etc..

Although it seems like an intuitive idea, it’s incredible how we forget this and do what everyone else is doing. And that alone leads to disasters.


I was recently listening to an interview on Masters of Scale with Ev Williams. He is the guy who co-founded Blogger, Twitter, and Medium. The episode has many interesting ideas. I will share here, briefly, some thoughts about it.

As mentioned in the podcast, it all started when he read an article in Wired magazine about connecting brains and the instant publishing of text and ideas. He believed that the value was in the network, not in the software. But programming was the gate for him to create the idea.

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Simple Twitter clone in Vue

Vue was released in 2014. Since that time I was thinking: ‘Yeah, just another JS framework to reinvent the wheel.’ But since last year it started to get more popular and got my attention. After the initial reading, I thought it is worth a try to see if it has something to say to solve the downsides of React or Angular.

Also lately a discussion became popular that Vue won the star war on Github ⭐️ for JS projects which is cool. But at the same time that doesn’t reflect the actual popularity in the current JS market although adopting Vue is increasing.

So I wanted to play around with Vue; therefore I sat a challenge to build a Twitter clone in Vue with no configuration to create a timeline for some of the best writers I like. So I started reading about Vue and will share here what I have learned and some ideas.

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I was talking recently to a friend who is working with the technical support team for a leading software product, he was complaining about an annoying bug for many users, which he reported to the development team several times but for some reason they didn’t fix it for a long time. Which made me think about how companies and software projects handle users feedback and even more important how they ‘prioritize’ them.

Diagram from https://buzz.typo3.org/teams/agile/article/how-kaizen-works-in-software-development/

Apparently, One of the most practical ideas that agile software development methodology brought us is to do first feature programming then collect user feedback about it, then improve and deploy again and so on, the quicker you apply this cycle, the more successful and user satisfying your product/site is. I think we need to focus more on how to improve the feedback process since a satisfied and loyal user is the key factor of your project future, The first step could be easy by integrating simple project to collect user feedback, bugs and features requests.

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Experience beauty usually happens with the most simple things, Reading a good book, watching a good movie, writing a good piece of code, learning a new thing or even laying down on your back the full day at the park watching the sky, Sounds like a rule! Maybe we need to pay those ‘things’ more attention, or stop calling them ‘simple.’

Watching Paterson tonight with the view of a good director Jim Jarmusch.


As far as I can remember that the most website I liked and I was attached too is Google Reader (Yes Google, still not appreciated shutting it down!).

For many people out there and me, RSS/Google Reader was the most comfortable websites/blogs/news following way, You can say that RSS ‘almost’ still alive, And there are alternatives to Google Reader everywhere, But let’s face it! Social Media websites are winning huge numbers of web visitors every day and becoming like the only web reading standard in web visitors mindset.

Although, All off this huge success for social media, It is still not a comfortable way to following people/websites updates. So while it does not make sense to go way back to using only RSS feeds, I was thinking about small changes Facebook and Twitter can learn from Google Reader to make their timeline more readable and even better for their business is more ‘followable’!

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One of the common concerns I faced in web/frontend development is libraries like “Angularjs, Bootstrap, JQuery… etc..” loading time, and how that affect on website performance when you need to load several libraries to your website/page.. especially with low internet speed connections.

There are many solutions for compressing files and caching from both backend and frontend sides.

However, I found a new promising idea — basket.js- I wanted to share with you, so let’s explore it! Moreover, asking, Why it can be a good solution for loading JavaScript and CSS libraries.

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